Monday, December 4, 2006

Welcome to the Security 1A Blog

Hey Everyone,

My name is Greg Abelar. I'm a Security Architect/Engineer for Cisco Systems and an author of two books dedicated to helping folks deploy proper security when they are setting up internet connectivity.

This blog is being setup to discuss internet security issues for both the intermediate and the advanced internet user. I’ll be posting several messages over the next few weeks, that will hopefully provide a platform for security discussions and help you to understand the “real” risks you face when you use the internet.

Please revisit my site in the next few days and feelfree to participate in on-going security discussions.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I read the book you and Dale Tesch did about CS-MARS. Nice work. I hope your blog has the same quality of information - all the best.

Greg Abelar said...

Mom is that you?

Anonymous said...

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