Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I know Myspace is fun, it’s also dangerous. .... I hate to be a kill-joy. Please read!!!!!

There are crimes committed based on information learned from Myspace and other social communication sites. Parents you need to coach you children on how to protect themselves when they are on-line, you need to protect them like their well-being depends on it, because it does!!!

As evidenced by serious crimes recently committed at schools, predators use social websites for pre-crime reconnaissance and chose their victims based on information they find on some of these web sites. Picture the kid who says, I’m a 16 boy, may name is XXXXXX and I work at McDonalds on Ocean street during the evening shift, and also includes a handsome picture of himself. He is dreaming that a nice young girl his age is going to drop by to check him out. Nice thought but the reality is that he may be setting himself up for the local predator who happens to like the picture. If you have any doubts search the web for “predator and myspace”, at the time of this writing there are 902,000 hits.

Please consult the following links to get a better understanding of how people can still use these websites but use them safely. I am planning on writing a book on this subject so I can consolidate all these types of threats and ways to mitigate the threats in a single location.


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